Born: November 6, 1945
Fort Worth, Texas U.S.A.
Living in: Clearfield, Utah

From early times I've always wanted to write.. Not as a writer but as a hobby. A hobby is something that doesn't include criticism and even if it does from time to time, it's still only a hobby. Being a writer opens up all kinds of criticism which I have no use for.. If you don't like something then don't indulge in it, don't go around trying to convince others not to indulge as that shows an over-inflated ego mixed with a pathetic arrogance. The writer is trying to make a living, not attempting to make everybody love their work then in almost all cases that doesn't work until after they push up daisies. My only problem was concentration.. If I couldn't finish a story in one setting then I would lose focus and abandon the conclusion (which I have many unfinished short stories). My other problem is the finished product.. Once I finish a story I can't go back and read it otherwise I will inevitably re-edit and add to or take away from the finished product. It took a while in my life to be able to finish a story but now I think it comes much easier and I'm no longer prone to finish at one setting but I'm still haunted with edits but usually I don't read my own stories because of this therefore if you read them I do hope they will be enjoyable to you but if they're not then try not to tell others how bad it was, just don't go to the trouble of visiting anymore. I will appreciate that gesture. Thanks for visiting. J-W-N..